CyberBorg delivers continuous cybercrime alerts online

Real-time insight into cyber risks

CyberBorg scans your website for threats 2x per week and instantly alerts you to hacking, data loss and system intrusion threats.

Live reports and emails

All results are reported clearly and concisely in your personal dashboard, and urgent threats notified via email. This facilitates rapid intervention where required.

Affordable and up-to-date

CyberBorg provides the necessary insight for keeping your website security thoroughly up-to-date, for just €179.40 excl. VAT per domain, per year (less than €0.50 per day).

Easy to share

Furnish your IT employee or service provider with access to your personal dashboard, giving them direct insight into your website security and how it can be improved.

Real-time insight for keeping your website up-to-date

Uninterrupted security

The majority of SMEs are inadequately protected against cybercrime. Understandably too. Most entrepreneurs have precious little time for playing tax advisor, lawyer and IT specialist. Yet no-one wants to be vulnerable to infection or data loss. The automated security scans from CyberBorg provide you with the insight required to protect your website from cybercriminals.

A brief overview of the benefits

  • Launches your first security scan within seconds.
  • Keeps your website clean, secure and up-to-date.
  • Guaranteed compliance to the latest legislation.
  • Personal dashboard with automated email alerts.
  • For just €179.40 excl. VAT per domain, per year.