Questions related to CyberBorg use

What information does CyberBorg need to activate my account?

To activate your account we need the name of your company, your own name, your email address, your domain name and you create a password.

IMPORTANT: The specified email address should end with the name of your domain/website. This is to prevent misuse.

After this you will receive a confirmation email for verification.  After confirming this email, CyberBorg activates your account and access to the dashboard.

Is CyberBorg a reliable cybersecurity management system?

CyberBorg was developed in collaboration with and by the cybersecurity experts from DutchSec.

DutchSec supplies cybersecurity to the government and large enterprises.

The quality of cybersecurity that the CyberBorg product delivers is thus 100% assured.

How long does my data remain available within my account?

Your data is never deleted and remains stored in your account.

How does CyberBorg handle my personal data?

CyberBorg carefully deals with the personal data of its users. All personal data are treated confidentially and securely stored.

I'm a freelancer. Can I still use this system?

CyberBorg can be used for all websites, including those of freelancers.

When will I receive email alerts?

You’ll receive an instant email alert as soon as CyberBorg detects an error that makes your website vulnerable. Your dashboard provides instructions for resolving the error.

Where are the CyberBorg servers located?

The servers that perform the scans are located exclusively within the EU.

Do I, as a user, retain ownership of my files/reports?

Yes, your files and reports remain your property.

Why is CyberBorg my preferred partner?

CyberBorg provides clear and comprehensive insight into cyber risks. You receive improvement suggestions and remedial actions by email, enabling immediate intervention. Cyber threats are constantly evolving. That’s why CyberBorg is continuously developing (and enhancing) its technical solutions. CyberBorg uses an in-house system and develops its own improvements to the monitoring software. These are based on data related to the hacks and vulnerabilities that have been detected via the software itself.

What does CyberBorg do exactly and for whom?

CyberBorg has developed remote software that monitors websites for hacks and vulnerabilities. This cyber risk management system is a fully automated scan for hacking, system intrusion, data loss, data theft and cyber attacks. CyberBorg was specifically developed for SMEs with approximately 100 employees and their own website.

Is CyberBorg a Dutch company?

CyberBorg B.V. is a subsidiary of Dutch companies, Kennisplatforms and DutchSec. Kennisplatforms collaborates with knowledge partners on developing and operating online platforms in the field of prevention and compliance. DutchSec is a global leader in the creation of affordable and reliable security tools using big data, machine learning, and data and context-driven cybersecurity.

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