CyberBorg benefits at a glance

Instant alerts

Twice-weekly scans

Hackers are the latest in a long list of threats to the modern entrepreneur. A lack of time and knowledge makes SMEs attractive prey for cybercriminals. How would your business cope if your systems went down, employees were unable to work, orders couldn’t be processed and your data was lost?

An increasing number of insurers are making effective security monitoring mandatory. Unlike the majority of providers, which typically offer one-off scans, CyberBorg provides you with automated security scans all year round. Stay one step ahead of hackers.

Clear and comprehensive security

Continuous insight via your own personal dashboard

All hacking scan results are now visible in your personal dashboard. This provides rapid insight into your website’s vulnerabilities and enables you or your IT service provider to take immediate action.

Instant intervention

Email alerts for urgent threats

The longer you’re exposed to a data breach, the more time hackers have to take down your system or steal sensitive data. CyberBorg keeps you informed of the most urgent threats to your website via instant email alerts after every scan.

Always up-to-date


The legislation pertaining to security, privacy and data is subject to constant change due to rapidly developing technology. Fail to comply with these requirements and you risk heavy fines.


For less than €0.50 per day

Cyber attacks can be costly, yet security needn’t be expensive. You receive instant alerts on hacking, data loss and system intrusion, for only €179.40 excl. VAT per year. You can also view the scan reports in your personal dashboard free of charge

Uninterrupted security

The majority of SMEs are inadequately protected against cybercrime. Understandably too. Most entrepreneurs have precious little time for playing tax advisor, lawyer and IT specialist. Yet no-one wants to be vulnerable to infection or data loss. The automated security scans from CyberBorg provide you with the insight required to protect your website from cybercriminals.

A brief overview of the benefits

  • Launches your first security scan within seconds.
  • Keeps your website clean, secure and up-to-date.
  • Guaranteed compliance to the latest legislation.
  • Personal dashboard with automated email alerts.
  • For just €179.40 excl. VAT per domain, per year.